BETWIXT DYKES - The 1st & 10th

PAR 4 - 366 YARDS, STROKE INDEX 9 & 10

The Greenkeeper's View

A nice easy introductory par 4, between a drystane dyke on the left and a built wall on the left, with an access road to nearby houses and forestry running through it.  Best aim is straight in line with the pylon and the ball will rest on the plateau level with the gate, or roll down onto the flat about 80 yards from the green.  To avoid what can be wet-ish ground on the approach, it’s best to hit a high pitch shot to the green – ‘an eight from the gate’.  For most of the green apart from an evil wee slope at the back go for your birdie putt on a mainly flat surface.

The 10th

Stay away from the trees and rough ground over the drystone dyke to the left of the fairway and remember there’s plenty of bail-out territory on the 2nd if you have a bit too much slice in your driver’s armoury.  You’re better well out on the 2nd fairway than too close to the wall on the right of the road and you get a nice view of the green from the 2nd.  If you’re too far back to get on in two, then don’t stress as a flick on from anywhere within 50 yards of the green gives you a chance of a four.

The 1st

I see quite a few visitors puzzled about what to do when their ball lands on the road.  Just read the card – you take a drop either on the 2nd if the ball is nearest the wall from the centre line of the road or on the 1st if closest to the fairway.  I have to do a fair bit of work strimming the bank down from the road to the fairway and putting back the blue markers which delineate the free drop you get there.  A lot of care needs to be taken when I cut the fairway in front of the green – tendency to be flooded in wet weather and try to avoid the churning up of the fairway that might happen if being careless with the tractor.
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