QUARRIES - The 2nd & 11th


The Greenkeeper's View

A fair skelp into the usually prevailing wind in your face and deceptively uphill, but plenty of space out there and then a short to mid-iron onto the green.  Be below the hole with your approach if you can, the putting here on a slope, especially when the greens are running fast can be a card wrecker.

The 11th

Again, if you’re concerned about your ability to navigate the quarry and clear the wee bit of rough adjacent to it you can avoid it to some extent by taking the scenic route down the first.  It means that your approach to the green is liable to be your third shot, rather than second, but that’s no disaster.  Disaster is being either in the aforesaid quarry, tight to the wall in the rough beyond the old access track to the quarry, or if you’re having a tour of the different sides of the fairway, being in the thigh high rough to the left of the fairway.

The 2nd

I will continue to put the flag on the high side of the green from time to time – it’s part of life’s rich tapestry.  Some folk have asked why the wee quarry is never cut back – it is, but whin bushes grow very quickly and, in any case, they’re a feature to break up the 2nd and 6th fairways.  The big fir tree in the middle of the wee quarry is getting to be a fair size mind you; when I first came here it was easy for the big hitters to go right over it and fade their ball back to the middle of the fairway, but that’s becoming more of a high risk strategy.  As to the big quarry and the usual jungle – if you hit your ball in there it’s one for the wee boys or old men to pick up when they are treasure hunting.
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