DRUIM WOODS - The 4th & 13th

PAR 4 - 257 YARDS, STROKE INDEX 13 & 14

The Greenkeeper's View

For a low handicapper, this hole should be a gift.  If you’re a really good golfer, a driver or 3-wood to the green is a distinct possibility and the main worry is whether you end on the best level of the two-tiers for the pin position of the day.  Other than that a near to the green shot should allow an easy chip to at least par putting range and maybe a birdie chance.

The 13th

If you tend to slice or hook your driver, there’s no harm in going down a club or two, distance to the green is not really an issue for the second shot. The best line is to go for the old green, less than 200 yards from even the furthest back tee and then an easy flick to the green, taking care to put the ball onto a spot which will run towards the pin without going too far and off the back, which is a BAD PLACE.

The 4nd

A good hole to look after in the summer.  The old green is a wet, mossy spot and I’ve lost count of the number of good golf balls I’ve picked up there just peeking out from below the surface.  The green gets a lot of grief from some of the players, but it’s a great feature and makes a marginal par 4 into a hidden challenge for the dodgy putters amongst them.
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