MOUNT DRUIM - The 3rd & 12th

PAR 3 - 131 YARDS, STROKE INDEX 15 & 16

The Greenkeeper's View

Dependent on where the tee marker is situated this can be anything from a wedge or nine iron to a well-struck 5 iron. A high trajectory at the flag is best, although in very dry weather you might benefit from raking it in low and letting it bounce up.  Below the hole putt a lot easier than trying to baby it on the downslope. Like much else in golf, it’s an easy hole when played correctly.

The 12th

By the time you get here on the back nine, you should be well warmed, but not too tired (you will be tired when you get to the top of the hill again) so it’s probably best to focus on a nice fluid stroke with a club more than you would normally use for the tee length stated.  If you need to chip on after your tee shot it’s far better to do from the front of the green in line with the pin than to hack it out from deep rough at the back onto impossibly steep banking and have the ball then disappear off the front edge of the green.

The 3rd

This used to be the first hole: in my opinion, it’s actually a harder hole than the new first, in spite of what the stroke index might say. One of my predecessors maintained that the slope on this green is gradually getting steeper and steeper over the years, almost as if it is slipping downhill.  It makes for interesting pin placements and tricky cutting at times. The overhanging trees at the back of the green mean quite a challenge in keeping a good quality of grass cover on the green and the tendency for midges to congregate in said trees and then devour passing humans makes early morning grass cutting less than glamorous! As to the walk up the hill for golfers being hard, you should try cutting the slope on a tractor with wet grass. Not for the faint of heart.
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