CUILARSTICH BENDS - The 8th & 17th

PAR 4 - 264 YARDS, STROKE INDEX 11 & 12

The Greenkeeper's View

For the low handicapper, the only thing that should worry you here is the potential for over-reach.  While distance-wise it should be in reach of a good drive, or even 3-wood when the wind is not too hard in your face, that’s a pretty high tariff shot.  The burn straight in front of you, deep rough on either side and at the back of the green when you get over the water and an undulating approach apron all militate against your ball nestling nicely in the middle of what is the putting surface on the course.  Better to have a mid-iron off the tee, your best pitch at the pin and go for that birdie putt, rather than seek out the elusive eagle.

The 17th

Just do what the sensible low handicapper does.  There is no real need to be extra-long off the tee.  Indeed, some players swear by the two 6 or 7 irons to the green method, rather than trying to beat the living daylights out of the ball.  Remember too that even if the ball does find the burn, you only forfeit one-shot; just be calm about the recovery and don’t rack up over-many strokes.  Once you are on the green, this is the one place on the course when you should be able to run the ball straight at the hole and know it will be true.

The 8th

Nicely positioned green in one of the meanders of the Cuilarstich Burn and also a very rewarding surface to look after.  Built on the gravel-rich soil of the Burn’s washout area and dead flat: makes it easy for me to keep nicely fed and trimmed.  I’m so glad a previous holder of the position managed to get the open drain from the gate to the Burn a permanent feature: not only does it make the hole easier to cut, but it shapes the fairway nicely to reward the straight long hitters.  My advice to those who hit away into the deep boondai to the far side of the Burn from the tee?  Take your medicine, play three and get on with it: life’s too short.
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