DIPPEN SHORT - The 7th & 16th

PAR 4 - 139 YARDS, STROKE INDEX 17 & 18

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The Greenkeeper's View

An easy 8-iron/9-iron to a nice flat and true green and a straightforward par or birdie chance.  If you come in off the right-hand side of the fairway the ball will tend to fall to the green, but just be careful that you don’t slide off to the left of the green and into the burn.

The 7th

The 16th

This is the easiest hole on the course for me to maintain, although the number of midges around the tees on a calm, overcast day can be a real health and safety hazard. Now, if we had no end of money, I’d put a couple of bunkers on the burn side of the green and give folk a bit of use for the sand wedges they carry about: why they do that at Lochgilphead, I don’t really know.
Easiest stroke index on the course it may be, but if there’s a crosswind from the south-west pushing your ball towards the out of bounds jungle territory on the right you might over-compensate to the left and see your ball head to the burn, or if really bad onto the adjacent 1st green.  If you’re playing with one of those single figure folk, just ignore that short iron in their paws and focus on your own game, maybe using a club more than you think you’d need, but being smooth with it.